Images with fixed dimensions
  1. Main Tracking Room

    all the room ya need and more
  2. Main Tracking Room

    Grand Piano
  3. Main Tracking Room

    through the vista of the main tracking room, you can spy the windows into the vocal booth and drum booth
  4. Ben Hite

    Rockin in the Vocal Booth
  5. Vocal Booth

    Spacious and comfortable for vocals, voice-over, solo instruments
  6. Photo Sessions

    Easy switch over from recording star to superstar with our in-house photo shoots
  7. The Kit

    The Kit set up in the main tracking room for the big sound.
  8. Upright Brigade

    Nice sounding Kay
  9. More upright

  10. Andre the Russian

    the maestro at work
  11. Andre on Upright

  12. Upright Session

    Negotin, Serbia
  13. Control Room

    Excellent gear and an excellent ear.
  14. Preamps

    A couple of our desirable preamps
  15. Toby

    First-call session drummer at work
  16. Keller Williams

    Keller direct the traffic
  17. Keller Williams

    The Freaker
  18. Toro and Keller

    owner/producer Matt Montoro engineering the Keller sessions
  19. Keller Williams

    a little mood lighting
  20. Keller Williams

    The Freaker
  21. Toby Fairchild

    First Call drummer, performance and studio
  22. Keller Williams

    The Freaker
  23. Keller Williams

    The Freaker
  24. Keller Williams

    The Freaker
  25. Keller Williams

    The Freaker
  26. Keller Williams

    The Freaker
  27. Toby Fairchild

    impressive profile - could be a super-hero.. or a thug
  28. Matt Montoro

  29. Mixin

  30. Cymbalism

  31. Mandolove

    Breedlove A mandolin
  32. Tube Mic

  33. 1936 Gibson L-00

    Recording with 1936 Gibson L-00 courtesy of Pickers Supply
  34. 1957 Gibson LP Gold Top

    Not a repro - an original 57...
  35. Percy Burt

    Aluitious 3000
  36. String Section

    Courtesy of first call violin/fiddler - Chris Sexton of blugreass group 'Nothin Fancy'
  37. Drum Booth

    Certain Sounds call for certain setups. Using the drum booth and XY config on the overheads for tighter kit sound
  38. P-BASS

    Another gem courtesy of
  39. Tools and Toys

    Neumann TLM 103
  40. Tools and Toys

    Snare Drum
  41. Main Tracking Room

    Grand Piano Corner
  42. Drum Booth

    Floating foundation and 12 inch walls give an incredible amount of isolation for drummers
  43. Control

    Elevated, spacios, and comfortable
  44. Main Tracking

    Vocal booth to the left Drum Booth in center and amp room to right
  45. Tools and Toys

    Breedlove J25 and AKG Tube Microphone
  46. Tools and Toys

    Korg Triton
  47. Rivera

    Custom amp designed by Paul Rivera
Recording STudio Northern VA